Dr.Prakash Reddy

DR.PRAKASH REDDY IS SURGICAL GASTROENTEROLOGIST who has conducted many academic programmes. regarding various intra abdominal pathologies,Various Gastrointestinal disorders to different doctor communities at Kurnool,Nandyal,Adoni,Dhone,Gadwal,Wanaparty.He is conscientious, compassionate towards patients and also conducted many free camps to poor and needy in above mentioned places in past these years. He has worked in various hospitals such as MS.Ramaiah Medical college, bangalore, ST.Philomenas hospital, bangalore, kidwai hospital bangalore,KBBH Hospital,Mumbai,SVIMS Tirupati, and regularly attended various academic programs conducted in bangalore during 1998-2002. he worked as a registrar in kbbh hospital bombay from jan 2003- jun 2003.
He has attended any no of national & international conferences.He worked with eminent professors like, Dr.Ganjan Wagholikar MS,Mch,DNB,Dr.Shalin Agarwal, MS,MCH,Dr.Bhalachandran Menon,MS,MCH,Dr.Satyaprakash,MD,DM,& Dr.HV Shivram MS,DNB,Mch, Dr.Srivatsa MS,DNB and Many others.


  • Upper GI Endoscopy and Associated Procedures

  • Lower GI Colonoscopy and Associated Procedures











    Exploratory Laparotomies for peritonitis due to Hollowviscous perforations,Intestinal obstruction because of various causes such as Adhesions,Volvulous,Malignencies,Tb abdomen,Mesenteric vascular ischemia,BluntInjuryAbdomen,Gastric Surgeries such as TotalGastrectomy,Partial Gastrectomy,Small bowel Resection and anastamosis in Various Fashions for various causes.Colon surgeries For Ca colon Which includes Total colectomy or partial colon Resections with end to end anastamosis, end to side anastamosis,AP Resections and Ostomies such as End colostomy,Ileostomy,Loop Ileostomy etc.


  • open Cholecystectomy

  • Cbd exploration for stones,stricture,malignency,Choledochal cysts

  • Liver Surgeries for Hydatid cyst disease,Hepatocellular carcinoma,Blunt injury abdomen and various other causes

  • Pancreatic Surgerise For Ca Pancreas(Whipples Procedure),Chronic Pancreatitis(LPJ),Necrosectomy For Acute Severe Necrotizing Pancreatitis

  • Education & Training

    Under Graduation:

    M.B.B.S (1991 to 1997)- Mysoore University

    Post Graduation:

    M.S (General Surgery) – Oct1999—oct2002 -
    Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences


    KBBH Hospital, Mumbai
    (jan 2003-july 2003)

    SurgicalGastroenterology Specialization:

    Sri Venkateswara institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati.
    (nov 2003-july 2005)

    FAIS (Fellow of Association of Indian Surgeons)-2011:

    FMAS (Fellow of Minimal Acess Surgeons of India)-2013:

    FICS (Fellow of International college of Surgeons)-2013:

    FIAGES (Fellow of Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal EndoSurgeons)-2014:

    Career Summary

    Present Post: Consultant SurgicalGastroenterologist, Kurnool

    Previous Posts Held

    Dates Hospital Speciality Grade Duration
    Aug 98—Aug 99 St’Philomenas Hospital Bangalore General Surgery Registrar 12 months
    Oct ’99– Oct ‘02 MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, India. General Surgery Senior Resident 36 months
    Jan 03—July 03 BandraBaba Municiple Hospital Mumbai General Surgery Registrar 6 Months
    Nov 03—Jul 05 Sri Venkateswara institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati. SurgicalGastroenterology PDCC 20 months

    Conferences and WorkShops Attended

    Nov ‘2000

    ASICC :Surgical Society of Banglore

    Nov ‘01

    International college of Surgeons- 47th Annual Conference-Indian Section, Hyderabad, India.

    Nov ‘02

    Continuing Surgical Education Programme-Surgical Society of Bangalore, India.

    May ‘02

    Basic Surgical Skills course- Ethicon institute of surgical education, Mumbai, India.

    Feb ‘02

    4th Annual Rapid review course in General Surgery,- Sri Ramachandra Medical college, Chennai.

    June ‘03

    National Surgical gastroenterology update- CME - Bangalore, India

    May ‘03

    Ethicon institute of Laparoscopic Surgery - Basic training course, Bangalore, India.

    May ‘04

    Single Theme Conference and Workshop on Biliary Disorders-India

    Dec ‘04

    Association of Surgeons of India Annual Conference- Hyderabad, India

    Jan ‘05

    Ethicon Institute training Programme – Laparoscopic suturing / surgical staplers, Chennai

    Jan ‘05

    Ethicon Institute training Programme –PROXIMATE STAPLERS Organised by ethicon Endosurgery at(EISE)

    Apr ‘05

    Ethicon Endo surgery Training Programme - Solid Organ Surgery- Ethicon institute, Chennai.

    July ‘05

    Ethicon Endo surgery Training Programme - Mininally Invasive Gastric Cancer Mangenent- Ethicon institute, Tirupathi.

    Nov ‘05

    Pre conference workshop:” Laparoscopic Hernia surgery” ,Lapro surg 2005- Gem Hospital, Coimbatore, India.

    Aug ‘06

    Asian institute of Gastroenterology -Pancreatic Biliary Endoscopy- Hyderabad,India.

    Feb ’07

    AMASICON - Association of minimal access surgeons of India conference – Hyderabad , India

    Feb ‘08

    Workshop Series in GI Surgery- Dept of Sugical Gastroenterology Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences

    Aug ‘08

    International Laparoscopic oncology Workshop- Hyderabad,India.

    Feb ‘09

    Society of Gastrointestinal endoscopy india- 10th Annual Conference

    Dec ‘11

    Association Surgeons of India- 71st Annual Conference

    Feb ‘12

    Asian Institute of Gastroenterology- Advance in Hepato Biliary Pancreatic Endoscopy

    Aug ‘12

    As a life member of the Association of minimal surgeons of India.- Kochi India

    Dec ‘12

    The International College of Surgeons -Indian Section- Ahmedabad India

    Jan ‘13

    Association of minimal Acess Surgeons of India (Tamil nadu Medical Council)- Chennai India

    Jan ‘13

    AMASI- 25th AMASI Skill Course and FMAS Examination

    Aug ‘13

    International congress of association of minimal access Surgeons of india - 8th International Congress

    Nov ‘13

    The International College of Surgeons -Indian Section- Lucknow,India

    Dec ‘13

    FellowShip Course in minimal access surgery - Coimbatore India

    Sep ‘14

    APASICON-Annual Conference of the AP Chapter of Association of Surgeons of india - Kurnool,India

    Dec ‘14

    ASICON-74th Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of india - Hyderabad,India

    Work Experience

    • 1 year of Registrar In Surgical Specialities in St’Philomenas Hospital,Banglore.

    • 3 years of postgraduate training in General Surgery along with its allied Specialities

    • 6 Months as Registrar in General Surgery at KBBH Mumbai

    • 20 months as Senior Resident in Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology,SVIMS,Tirupati.

    Experience and qualities gained during these years

    • Assessment of critically ill patients, by Clinical examination and Investigations
    • Attending ward rounds with the consultant and ability to prioritise clinical needs and work load
    • Peri-opeartive management of patients
    • Management of theatre sessions
    • Competence in performing Gastro-intestinal Surgical Procedures and various Laparoscopic Procedures
    • Competence in independently performing ‘Diagnostic & Therapeutic Upper GI Endoscopic and colonoscopic procedures’
    • Ability and Competence in Managing Surgical Complications and Refer them to tertiary GI-Surgical Centers If necessary
    • Ability to establish good working relationship with patients, carers and multidisciplinary colleagues
    • Ability to discuss treatment options with patients in a way they understand
    • Experience of collecting analyzing and presenting data orally and in writing
    • Contribution to teaching and learning of others in the clinical setting and active participation in the Departmental Academic & Research activities